L'Arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
L'arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
L'arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
L'Arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
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Master categories / Plants / Shrubs & Climbers / Hydrangea ( Hydrangea ) / Hydrangea arborescens | Samantha Hydrangea (24887)

Hydrangea arborescens radiata 'Samantha'
Samantha Hydrangea
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Hardiness zone 3
Maximum height 1m / 3¼'
Maximum width 1m / 3¼'
Exposure Sun Half-shade
Plants attracting birds No
Fragrant plants No
Notes :A new sterile selection showing big, silver white with a shade of pink snowball flowers that look more like a Bigleaf Hydrangea. Very impressive variety with its attractive dark green foliage and silver white color on the underside of the leaves.
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Hydrangea arborescens radiata 'Samantha'

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