Advanced search of our products

If you know of a specific criteria on the product you are searching for, list it in our refine product search page and click on the link ‘’Search’’.  By doing so, you will see all the products matching your criteria.  Then click on the picture of your choice and you will have access to all the available data on this product.

Hint : Start your research with one or two criteria only.  If there are too many results, then add another criteria to narrow down your search.

If there are no identified products, it is due to the fact that no products have the criteria you are looking for.  Then, use less criteria and re-start your search to see all the available products matching your new criteria.

"More criteria" option :  This option enables you to add more criteria on a specific product you are searching (plants only).  By default, the additional criteria selected will not be seen on your screen.  To see them, click on the link ‘’More criteria’’.

’’Display’’ option :  The results of your search will be seen based on the selected ‘’Display’’ option.  Here is a brief description of the different ‘’Display’’ options available:

  • See all selected products :  All selected products will be shown with pictures (if available) and sorted by category.
  • See products with matching pictures only :  All products with matching pictures will be shown first, followed by the ones that have none.
  • See generic list of products (without pictures):  A list of all selected products will be shown (without pictures).  This feature can be used for a rapid search of products.