Products Page

All our product line can be seen on this page.  Much information is shown for each product.  Since our products are classified under different groups, you must surf through these groups in order to find the product.

Here is some information on each section of our product pages:

Master categories :  Introduces the main types of products.

Categories : Introduces main products related to the Master Category. Click on a specific category to narrow down your choice.   You are only a few clicks away of finding the desired products.  We will guide you step by step to help you find what you are looking for.


New arrivals: Shows new plants and products.  You can click on “Details” to get more information.
Shopping cart : Click on the link under the icon  to view it’s content.

Advanced product search :  If you know of a specific criteria on the product you are searching for, list it in our refine product search page and click on “Search”.  By doing so, you will find all the products matching your criteria.


Product name search:  If you know the scientific or common name of a product enter it in the appropriate space and click on “Search”.   For example, you can enter “hydrangea” to find all products using the name.  Please note you can also use the code number to do your search.  This number will be found on the product specification sheet.


Here are some hints about the terminology used in the product page:


Hardiness zone: The Plant Hardiness Zones indicate where various types of trees, shrubs and flowers will most likely survive. Ask us your Hardiness Zone, we will help you choose the right plant for the appropriate climate. 


Maximum height:  Maximum maturity height reached in normal conditions.


Maximum width: Maximum maturity  width reached in normal conditions.


Exposure : How much sun exposure is required for this plant?

Sun : 6 hours and more

Half-shade : 2 to 6 hours

Shade : less than 2 hours


Parent species :  Varieties of plants under the same family or species.