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If you've got an horticultural business, HortiClick is the perfect way to set up an online storefront or improve the one you've got.

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Who Are We ?
Unlike other e-commerce solutions, HortiClick has been developed from the ground up specifically for horticultural business merchants.

Why Should I Have My Own Website ?
There is tremendous opportunity for a business to develop an online customer base by being on-line first and by providing the best service to your new on-line customers. Learn how you could bring more gardeners to your brick-and-mortal store!

What We Offer ?
Take advantage of HortiClick! WebStore's benefits.

How Does it Work ?
Get answers to frequently asked questions about HortiClick! WebStore.

How does it cost ?
Simple, professional solution, reasonable pricing.

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"HortiClick! Store offers everything to maintain and grow an online gardening store, at a price that's affordable..." Read More...

-- Sebastien Lemay


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