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Rosa 'Royal Gold' [Climber]

Royal Gold Rose

Rich, golden, classically formed blooms perched singly and in clusters on cutting length stems. Foliage is vigorous and glossy. Blooms on new and old wood.
Rosier grimpant Royal Gold Rosier grimpant Royal Gold

Rosa 'Blaze' [Climber]

Blaze Rose

Undoubtedly the most popular climbing rose and one of the most prolific bloomers. Bright red flowers on new and old wood. Foliage is medium green and glossy. Very vigorous.
Rosier grimpant Blaze Rosier grimpant Blaze

Rosa 'Louis Jolliet' [explorer]

Louis Jolliet Rose

A great climbing rose with attractive medium pink flowers produced in clusters of 3-10 all season long. Flowers have a pleasing spicy fragrance. Glossy, deep green foliage is disease resistant.
Rosier Louis Jolliet Rosier Louis Jolliet

Rosa 'Marie-Victorin' [explorer]

Marie-Victorin Rose

Flowers are peach to light pink in colour. Very hardy and foliage is disease resistant. Mildew and blackspot.
Rosier Marie-Victorin Rosier Marie-Victorin

Rosa 'Martin Frobisher' [explorer]

Martin Frobisher Rose

Fragrant soft pink flowers are free flowering. A vigorous, well proportioned plant. The reddish brown bark and the upper parts of branches are spineless. Very hardy.
Rosier Martin Frobisher Rosier Martin Frobisher

Rosa 'Nicolas' [explorer] [explorer]

Nicolas Rose

Medium red flowers in clusters of 1-3 from June to September. Very hardy and disease resistant.
Rosier Nicolas Rosier Nicolas

Rosa 'Simon Fraser' [explorer - shrub]

Simon Fraser Rose (Dwarf)

Low shrub produces and abundance of semi-double medium pink flowers in clusters of 1 to 4 all season long. Resistant to blackspot and mildew. Good landscape plant because of its low habit, colour throughout the year and good disease resistance.
Rosier Simon Fraser Rosier Simon Fraser

Rosa 'William Baffin' [explorer]

William Baffin Rose

Grows 2-3 meters and can be left on trellis. Flowers borne in clusters of up to 30 blooms. Glossy foliage. Combines the valuable features of winter hardiness, free and repeat flowering, resistance to mildew and black spot.
Rosier grimpant William Baffin Rosier grimpant William Baffin

Rosa 'Captain Samuel Holland' [Explorer]

Captain Samuel Holland Rose

Medium red, double flowers are produced all season long in clusters. Hardy pillar type with canes reaching up to 175 cm. Resistant to powdery mildew and black spot.
Rosier Captain Samuel Holland Rosier Captain Samuel Holland

Rosa 'John Cabot' [explorer]

John Cabot Rose

Can be pruned and grown as a bush rose. Rosy pink, fragrant flowers bloom freely June-July. Very hardy. COPF introduction.
Rosier grimpant John Cabot Rosier grimpant John Cabot

Rosa 'Jens Munk' [explorer - Hybrid Rugosa]

Jens Munk Rose

Medium pink flowers in June to August. In the fall is adorned with flowers and attractive rose hips.
Rosier Jens Munk Rosier Jens Munk

Rosa 'Henry Kelsey' [explorer]

Henry Kelsey Rose

A hardy, climbing rose which flowers freely and repeatedly. Trailing growth habit. Clusters of medium red roses with a spicy fragrance.
Rosier grimpant Henry Kelsey Rosier grimpant Henry Kelsey

Rosa 'Henry Hudson' [explorer - Hybrid rugosa]

Henry Hudson Rose

Low growing rugosa hybrid ( rarely growing more than 1m(3') in height) with rosy pink buds opening to double pure white flowers with showy yellow stamens. It is quite fragrant and very floriferous, it blooms until frost. One of the best of the Explorer series.
Rosier Henry Hudson Rosier Henry Hudson

Rosa 'George Vancouver' [explorer]

George Vancouver Rose

A beautiful shrub rose with medium red flowers born in clusters of 1-6. Flowers are abundant in June and repeating throughout the summer. Attractive red fruits will form if flowers are not removed. Good disease resistant foliage.
Rosier George Vancouver Rosier George Vancouver

Rosa 'Frontenac' [explorer]

Frontenac Rose

An extremely floriferous plant with blossoms peaking in June and lasting until the end of September. Deep pink flowers are produced in clusters of up to 8. Resistant to powdery mildew and blackspot.
Rosier Frontenac Rosier Frontenac

Rosa 'Champlain' [explorer - Kordesii]

Champlain Rose

Petal tip is dark red, the center and the base are medium red. Foliage is abundant, lustrous and dark green. Has prickles. Uniform bushy growth with abundant yellow green foliage. Extremely popular.
Rosier Champlain Rosier Champlain

Rosa 'A Mackenzie' (Alexander McKenzie) [explorer]

Alexander Mackenzie Rose

Deep red, cup shaped, floribunda type flowers are produced freely in clusters of 6 to 12. This plant is disease resistant, vigorous, bushy, and fragrant.
Rosier Alexander Mackenzie Rosier Alexander Mackenzie

Rosa 'William Booth' [explorer]

William Booth Rose

The deep red unopened bud changes to a medium red at the blossom stage and later fades to a light red in the fully opened flower. The beautiful flowers are borne in clusters of 8-10 they are single and have 5 petals. Highly disease resistant.
Rosier grimpant William Booth Rosier grimpant William Booth

Rosa 'Lambert Closse' [explorer]

Lambert Closse Rose

Beautiful double, pale to medium pink flowers are produced in clusters of 1-3. The deep pink unopened buds change to a medium pink-blend at the blossom stage later fading to a pale pink when fully open. Very floriferous with hybrid tea-like buds and with an attractive foliage that is disease resistant.
Rosier Lambert Closse Rosier Lambert Closse

Rosa 'J.P. Connell' [explorer]

J.P. Connell Rose

Vigorous upright shrub produces double, pale lemony-yellow flowers in June with recurrent bloom the rest of the season. Flowers do fade to a cream colour as they mature.
Rosier grimpant J.P. Connell Rosier grimpant J.P. Connell

Rosa 'John Franklin' [explorer]

John Franklin Rose

Red fragrant flowers in clusters of up to 30 blooms. Resistant to blackspot and mildew.
Rosier John Franklin Rosier John Franklin

Rosa 'John Davis' [explorer]

John Davis Rose

Medium pink flowers are produced freely on this vigorous grower. Highly resistant to blackspot and mildew. Light spicy fragrance.
Rosier John Davis Rosier John Davis

Rosa 'Royal Edward' [explorer]

Royal Edward Rose (Semi-Dwarf)

Low spreading, semi-miniature rose that reaches a height of 40 cm and slightly more in spread. The deep pink buds open to medium pink, 5 cm flowers of up to 18 petals. Flowers are produced freely from June until frost. Good for mass plantings or as a rose for small spaces. Blackspot & powdery mildew resistant.
Rosier Royal Edward (Semi-Nain) Rosier Royal Edward (Semi-Nain)

Rosa 'Markham Maiden' [Floribunda]

Markham Maiden Rose

Large, full, plump buds open to even fuller many-petalled blooms which blend from a center of blush-pink to buttery-cream to purest snow-white at the outer edges. Gorgeous bloom. Dark green disease resistant foliage.
Rosier Markham Maiden Rosier Markham Maiden

Rosa 'Iceberg' (Schneewittchen) [Floribunda]

Iceberg Rose

The best white landscape rose. This floriferous variety is also noted for its vigor and excellent disease resistance.
Rosier Iceberg Rosier Iceberg

Rosa 'Sunsprite' [Floribunda]

Sunsprite Rose

The best of the yellow rose, super sweet fragrance. Perfect for borders with its nicely rounded growth habit and multitude blooms. It's glossy green foliage is highly disease resistant.
Rosier Sunsprite Rosier Sunsprite

Rosa 'Hot Cocoa' (Floribunda)

Hot Cocoa Rose

This smoky chocolate orange floribunda is the most uniquely coloured winner to come our way in quite some time. These ruffled fragrant flowers are set atop glossy foliage. A very natural disease resistance and very easy to grow.
Rosier Hot Cocoa Rosier Hot Cocoa

Rosa 'Europeana' [Floribunda]

Europeana Rose

One of the best red floribundas. Produces an abundance of velvety deep red flowers throughout the season. Attractive glossy, deep green foliage.
Rosier Europeana Rosier Europeana

Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth' [Grandiflora]

Queen Elizabeth Rose

An extremely tall, vigorous plant with perfect phlox-pink buds and flowers in big clusters. Long stemmed. Always popular All American winner in 1955.
Rosier Queen Elizabeth Rosier Queen Elizabeth

Rosa 'Love and Peace' [Hybrid Tea]

'Love and Peace' Rose

This classic tea rose treasured for its long stems, bears 13cm (5") pink and cream yellow flowers. The sweet fruity scent will add flavor to any garden.
Rosier Love and Peace Rosier Love and Peace

Rosa 'Blue Girl' (Kölner ékarneval) [Hybrid Tea]

Blue Girl Rose

Blue Girl is among the most reliable of the lavender-mauve roses. The sweet fragrance is moderate to strong. Unusual colour, very interesting addition to a bouquet.
Rosier Blue Girl Rosier Blue Girl

Rosa 'Double Delight' [Hybrid Tea]

Double Delight Rose

Very popular hybrid tea with fully double blooms of creamy white flushed with dark red. Very striking. Good spicy fragrance. AARS 1977.
Rosier Double Delight Rosier Double Delight

Rosa 'Chrysler Imperial' [Hybrid Tea]

Chrysler Imperial Rose

A classic Hybrid Tea that has remained among the best sellers for more than 45 years. The large, high-centered blooms are rich, velvety crimson that turn bluish as they age. The fragrance earned Chrysler Imperial the James Alexander Gamble Award en 1952.
Rosier Chrysler Impérial Rosier Chrysler Impérial

Rosa 'Tropicana' [Hybrid Tea]

Tropicana Rose

Winner of 12 international awards, this long stemmed rose has an intense fruity fragrance in a flashy blend of coral and orange.
Rosier Tropicana Rosier Tropicana

Rosa 'Traviata' [Hybrid Tea - Romantica]

'Traviata' Rose

Fully double old fashioned vibrant red blooms set on top of very disease resistant foliage. Traviata will be the center of attention throughout the summer and into late autumn.
Rosier 'Traviata' Rosier 'Traviata'

Rosa 'Touch of Class' [Hybrid Tea]

Touch of Class Rose

Voted no. 1 in exhibition rose by AARS ten years running. The blend of orange, pink and cream in perfectly pointed buds is what gives this rose it's name. This vigorous plant produces long stems with deep green leaves.
Rosier Touch of Class Rosier Touch of Class

Rosa 'Peace' (R. 'Gloria Dei', R. 'Mme A. Meilland') [Hybrid Tea] ybrid Tea]

Peace Rose

The world's most famous rose, in rich brilliant yellow flushed with pink. The scent, although light, is pleasant. First introduced at the end of war in 1945, 'Peace' is even more popular today.
Rosier Peace Rosier Peace

Rosa 'Miss All American Beauty' [Hybrid Tea]

Miss All Amer. Beauty Rose

Gorgeous, well formed blossoms in a rich hot pink. Colour lasts from bud to finish. Huge leathery foliage. Sweet rose perfume. A 1968 AARS winner.
Rosier Miss All American Beauty Rosier Miss All American Beauty

Rosa 'Pascali' [Hybrid Tea]

Pascali Rose

Double, well-formed long-lasting blossoms of creamy white. Leathery dark green foliage enhances the abundant flowers.
Rosier Pascali Rosier Pascali

Rosa 'Classic Sunblaze' [Miniature]

Miniature Classic Sunblaze Rose

Free flowering, unique and vibrant pink blooms which are double and very full. A vigorous bushy plant with lots of dark green foliage.
Rosier Miniature Classic Sunblaze Rosier Miniature Classic Sunblaze

Rosa 'The Fairy' [Polyantha]

The Fairy Rose

Lovely, dainty blooms of delicate pink in clusters on a compact, sturdy plant. Prolific bloomer throughout the season, excellent for mass plantings.
Rosier The Fairy Rosier The Fairy

Rosa 'Pink Grootendorst' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Pink Grootendorst Rose

Clear pink flowers fringed and in clusters of up to 20. The plant is vigorous, profuse, bushy and extremely disease resistant.
Rosier Pink Grootendorst Rosier Pink Grootendorst

Rosa rugosa 'Alba' [Hybrid Rugosa]

White Rugosa Rose

Very hardy, blooms all summer with white single flowers. Leaves turn orange to scarlet in the fall, with showy large orange or red hips.
Rosier rugosa blanc Rosier rugosa blanc

Rosa 'Linda Campbell' [Hybrid Rugosa]


A cross between a miniature and a rugosa created this rose with velvety bright red double blooms in large clusters, prolific in June with very good repeat. Slight fragrance. Quilted grey-green rugosa leaves. Arching canes 1,5m(5') tall.
Rosier Linda Campbell Rosier Linda Campbell

Rosa 'Hansa' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Hansa Rose

Flowers are reddish-violet and very fragrant. Large red hips ripen after petals fall. Dark green foliage has attractive fall colour and good disease resistance. Vigorous, hardy shrub.
Rosier Hansa Rosier Hansa

Rosa 'F.J. Grootendorst' [Hybrid Rugosa]

F.J. Grootendorst Rose

Red flowers are fringed and in clusters. A very vigorous, bushy plant and a profuse bloomer.
Rosier F.J. Grootendorst Rosier F.J. Grootendorst

Rosa 'Charles Albanel' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Charles Albanel Rose

An exceptional hardy ground cover with magenta, fragrant flowers. It grows about 20" tall and 40" wide. Great as a single rose or mass plantings. Very low maintenance.
Rosier Charles Albanel Rosier Charles Albanel

Rosa 'Blanc Double de Coubert' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Blanc Double de Coubert Rose (White)

Large, very fragrant, double white blooms produced in end of June and repeats throughout the season. Dark shiny green foliage is attractive throughout the season and shows good fall colour.
Rosier Blanc Double de Coubert Rosier Blanc Double de Coubert

Rosa 'Agnes' [Hybrid Rugosa]

'Agnes' Rose

Leaves are a deep lime green and heavily crinkled. Very healthy and hardy. Double flowers are apricot yellow fading to pale amber before petal drop. Terrific first flush in June folowed by intermittent blooms until frost. Lovely fruity fragrance. A 'Must have".
Rosier Agnes Rosier Agnes

Rosa 'Topaz Jewel' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Topaz Jewel Rose

The first ever blooming yellow rugosa! Butter-yellow blooms blending to cream are borne in sprays of 5-10 all over its arching branches. Vigorous and disease resistant.
Rosier Topaz Jewel Rosier Topaz Jewel

Rosa 'Thérčse Bugnet' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Theresa Bugnet Rose

An exceptional rugosa with lilac pink fragrant blooms. The plant is vigorous and blooms all season long. Extremely disease resistant, hardy and easy to grow. Foliage turns an attractive brownish-red in the winter.
Rosier Thérčse Bugnet Rosier Thérčse Bugnet

Rosa 'Sir Thomas Lipton' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Sir Thomas Lipton Rose

Has abundant dark green leathery foliage. Vigorous, bushy plant with very double and intensely fragrant white flowers.
Rosier Sir Thomas Lipton Rosier Sir Thomas Lipton

Rosa rugosa

Pink Rugosa Rose

The hardiest rose available today. Blooms deep rose-pink all summer followed by large orange or red fruit. Colorful fall foliage of orange to scarlet, combined with the showy fruit makes a spectacular fall display.
Rosier rugueux rose Rosier rugueux rose

Rosa 'Roseraie de l'Ha˙' [Hybrid Rugosa]

Roseraie de l'Hay Rose

The semi-double blooms are very fragrant with a rich velvety wine red colour. Extremely vigorous. One of the most loved rugosas and very rewarding for it flowers constantly.
Rosier Roseraie de l'Hay Rosier Roseraie de l'Hay

Rosa 'Bonica' (Meidomonac) [shrub - Meidiland]

Bonica Rose

An ideal landscape variety, with clusters of peachy pink, apple-scented blossoms on elegant arching canes. Little maintenance.
Rosier Bonica Rosier Bonica

Rosa 'Morden Cardinette' [shrub - Parkland]

Morden Cardinette Rose

Dwarf shrub flowering continuously throughout the season with deep cardinal red flowers.
Rosier Morden Cardinette Rosier Morden Cardinette

Rosa 'Morden Ruby' [shrub - Parkland]

Morden Ruby Rose

Double, ruby red long lasting flowers bloom from June till frost.
Rosier Morden Ruby Rosier Morden Ruby

Rosa 'Carefree Beauty' (Bucbi) [shrub]

Carefree Beauty Rose

This carefree rose has a spreading growth habit. Fragrant coral pink blooms are 5cm / 2" across and cover the plant from spring until fall. Disease resistant.
Rosier Carefree Beauty Rosier Carefree Beauty

Rosa 'Baroque Floorshow'


A new ground cover rose, the first of the 'Floorshow Series'. Lilac, semi-double, very floriferous. Similar to the 'Carpet Series', but hardier and more resistant to wind condition.
Rosier Baroque Floorshow Rosier Baroque Floorshow

Rosa 'Adelaide Hoodless' [shrub - Parkland]

Adelaide Hoodless Rose

Low growing, floriferous bush with semi-double red flowers in July with a repeat in September. Vigorous grower.
Rosier Adelaide Hoodless Rosier Adelaide Hoodless

Rosa 'Yellow Jacket' [shrub]

'Yellow Jacket' Rose

Showy, vibrant yellow blooms are beautifully high centered. Standard, upright, compact plant is hardy and very free-flowering.
Rosier Yellow Jacket Rosier Yellow Jacket

Rosa 'Winnipeg Parks' [shrub - Parkland]

Winnipeg Parks Rose

Bright cherry red flowers are produced in clusters on a low growing, compact plant. Has the most attractive foliage of any of the Parkland series and shows some resistance to powdery mildew and blackspot.
Rosier Winnipeg Parks Rosier Winnipeg Parks

Rosa 'Rubrifolia' [shrub]

Rubrifolia Rose

It isn't the flowers that have made this old rose so popular but rather it's distinctive bluish foliage with its bright red hips and reddish violet stems. Singles 5 petals light red flowers in June.
Rosier rubrifolia Rosier rubrifolia

Rosa 'Prairie Joy' [shrub]

Prairie Joy Rose

Best used as a hedge or screening plant. Has excellent foliage and disease resistance to powdery mildew and blackspot. Forms an arching shape and very attractive especially when in bloom, with medium pink flowers.
Rosier Prairie Joy Rosier Prairie Joy

Rosa 'Persian Yellow' [shrub]

Persian Yellow Rose

Sweetly fragrant blooms in bright yellow small double flowers in June.
Rosier Persian Yellow Rosier Persian Yellow

Rosa 'Morden Sunrise' [shrub - Parkland]

Morden Sunrise Rose

Exceptional plant with beautiful semi-double yellow to pink-yellow flowers and nice apricot margin from June to frost. Gorgeous and very hardy. This new Morden introduction (Manitoba, Canada) is what many rose growers have been waiting for.
Rosier Morden Sunrise Rosier Morden Sunrise

Rosa 'Morden Snow Beauty' [shrub - Parkland]

Morden Snow Beauty Rose

Very nice rose with his nice snow white single flowers. A very floriferous plant producing a number of single blooms from early summer to early fall. Its resistance to black spot makes it a winner in the garden. Extremely hardy.
Rosier Morden Snow Beauty Rosier Morden Snow Beauty

Rosa 'Robusta' (Korgosa) [shrub]

Robusta Rose

Vigorous growing shrub with large, single, medium red flowers produced all season long. Glossy, disease resistant foliage. Quite attractive.
Rosier Robusta Rosier Robusta

Rosa 'Knock Out' [shrub]

'Knock Out' Rose

A true breakthrough in shrub roses. This plant provides a continuous show of colour from spring to late fall. Blooms of deep, fluorescent cherry red from 7.5 cm(3") in diameter. The most disease-resistant rose to come along in the last 50 years.
Rosier Knock Out Rosier Knock Out

Rosa 'Hope for Humanity' [shrub - Parkland]

Hope for Humanity Rose

The very hybrid tea like flowers buds are a deep wine red. An upright growth habit and good resistance to powdery mildew.
Rosier Hope for Humanity Rosier Hope for Humanity

Rosa 'Golden Wings' [shrub]

Golden Wings Rose

One of the finest shrub roses ever created! Single, five petaled golden-yellow flowers are produced freely all season long. Light fragrant.
Rosier Golden Wings Rosier Golden Wings

Rosa 'Flower Carpet White' [shrub]

White Flower Carpet Rose

It's pure white blooms are carried by a high gloss foliage. Disease resistant and extremely versatile. Ideal in baskets or in mass plantings.
Rosier Flower Carpet blanc Rosier Flower Carpet blanc

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Red' [shrub]

Red Flower Carpet Rose

Like it's family, flower carpet red carries all the qualities of disease resistance, glossy foliage, long blooming season & armloads of blooms. This deep red flower carpet will be a standout in any garden.
Rosier Flower Carpet rouge Rosier Flower Carpet rouge

Rosa 'Flower Carpet 'Pink' [shrub]

Pink Flower Carpet Rose

This famous ground cover rose with it's 'hot pink' flowers, cold hardiness and overall versatility have made it a major part of the landscape in parks, golf courses, highways and residential homes. One of the most disease resistant varieties ever.
Rosier Flower Carpet rose Rosier Flower Carpet rose

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Coral' [shrub]

Coral Flower Carpet Rose

The sixth introduction in the series. Blossoms are single soft pink, 5 cm (2") in diameter.
Rosier Flower Carpet Corail Rosier Flower Carpet Corail

Rosa 'Cuthbert Grant' [shrub - Parkland]

Cuthbert Grant Rose

Flowers from early July till fall. Borne in clusters of 3 to 6. Luxuriant foliage. One of a new series called Parkland Roses.
Rosier Cuthbert Grant Rosier Cuthbert Grant

Rosa 'Crimson Floorshow' [shrub]

Crimson Floorshow Rose

A new ground cover rose, the 'Floorshow Series'. Carmine red, semi-double, very floriferous and fragrant. Similar to the 'Carpet Series', but hardier and more resistant to wind condition.
Rosier Crimson Floorshow Rosier Crimson Floorshow

Rosa 'Morden Centennial' [shrub - Parkland]

Morden Centennial Rose

Very hardy that may kill to snowline but will come back from the crown. Pink, light scent double 4" flowers on old or new wood, singly or in clusters up to 15. Develops into a large floriferous shrub with excellent disease resistance.
Rosier Morden Centennial Rosier Morden Centennial

Rosa 'Morden Blush' [shrub - Parkland]

Morden Blush Rose

Distinctive Parkland rose with hybrid tea type blooms of light pink to ivory white depending on temperatures. The most floriferous and has the longest blooming period of any Parkland rose.
Rosier Morden Blush Rosier Morden Blush

Rosa 'Alba Meidiland' (White Meidiland) (Meiflopan) [shrub - Meidiland]

White Meidiland Rose

Glossy foliage with small white blooms in large clusters. Vigorous mounding groundcover great for large areas, banks and slopes. No pruning recommended. Disease resistant.
Rosier Alba Meidiland Rosier Alba Meidiland

Rosa 'Red Meidiland' (Meineble) [shrub - Meidiland]

Red Meidiland Rose

Single red bloom, everblooming from spring till frost. Vigorous low groundcover great for slopes or banks and in large areas. No pruning recommended. 125 cm (4') width.
Rosier Red Meidiland Rosier Red Meidiland

Rosa 'Morden Amorette' [shrub - Parkland]

Morden Amorette Rose

Light fragrant reddish-pink clusters of flowers in a compact shrub.
Rosier Morden Amorette Rosier Morden Amorette

Rosa 'Pink Meidiland' (Meipoque) [shrub - Meidiland]

Pink Meidiland Rose

Makes a colorful hedge with pink/white center flowers, flowering till frost with bright orange-red small hips persisting into winter.
Rosier Pink Meidiland Rosier Pink Meidiland

Rosa 'Carefree Delight' (Meipotal) [shrub]

Carefree Delight Rose

Forms a carefree carpet of green bearing quantities of 1 1/2", single, gentle pink roses throughout the season. Excellent disease resistance.
Rosier Carefree Delight Rosier Carefree Delight
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