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Pyrus communis [4 in/dans 1]

Pear 4 in 1

Grafted Pear with a combination of varieties that could include: Flemish Beauty, Bartlett, Anjou, Red Bartlett, Luscious.
Poirier 4 dans 1 Poirier 4 dans 1

Pyrus communis 'Bartlett'

Bartlett Pear

Large size, golden yellow, wonderful quality. Buttery, juicy, highly flavored fruit. Excellent for eating fresh or canning. Vigorous grower and bears young. Ripens mid-Sept. Tree is susceptible to fireblight.
Poirier Bartlett Poirier Bartlett

Pyrus communis 'BeautÚ Flamande' (Flemish Beauty)

Flemish Beauty Pear

Partially self-pollinating, two different varieties must be planted to ensure maximum production. Ripens around September 25, with russet colour fruit. A juicy and flavorful choice that stores well.
Poirier BeautÚ Flamande Poirier BeautÚ Flamande

Pyrus communis 'Clapp'

Clapp Pear

Lemon yellow pear with bright red cheek. Annual bearer. Fruit fine textured, juicy and delicately flavored. Ripens late August, 2 weeks ahead of Bartlett, it has a similar appearance and flavour.
Poirier Clapp Poirier Clapp

Pyrus communis 'John'

Hardy Pear

Ripens late September with yellow fruit, good for fresh use and canning. Very hardy and self-sterile.
Poirier rustique John Poirier rustique John

Pyrus communis 'Luscious'

Luscious Pear

Juicy, sweet, medium to small bright yellow fruit with a red blush and a taste similar to 'Bartlett'. Blooms early May. Ripens Sept.15. Tree globe shaped. Glossy green foliage, red fall color. Fireblight resistant.
Poirier Luscious Poirier Luscious

Pyrus communis 'Ure'

Hardy Pear

Fruit greenish yellow, very juicy, approximately 5 cm (2") in diameter. Has sturdy branching. Good for eating and canning. Ripening end of August.
Poirier rustique Ure Poirier rustique Ure
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