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Shrubby cinquefoil


Potentilla fruticosa 'Abbotswood'

Abbotswood Potentilla (Cinquefoil)

Considered the best white potentilla. Dark bluish-green dense foliage with large white flowers which bloom from summer until fall.
Potentille Abbotswood Potentille Abbotswood

Potentilla fruticosa 'Goldfinger'

Goldfinger Potentilla (Cinquefoil)

Impressive display of golden yellow flowers from summer until fall on a compact shrub. Very adaptable and hardy.
Potentille Goldfinger Potentille Goldfinger

Potentilla fruticosa 'Goldstar'

Goldstar Potentilla (Cinquefoil)

Attractive foliage and very large golden yellow flowers 5cm (2") in summer adorn this low growing shrub. Trouble-free plant.
Potentille Goldstar Potentille Goldstar

Potentilla fruticosa 'Marrob' (MARIAN RED ROBIN)

Red Robin Potentilla (Cinquefoil)

Striking dark orange-red blooms from summer until fall. Dainty fernlike foliage on this spreading deciduous shrub. Better coloration than 'Red Ace'.
Potentille Red Robin Potentille Red Robin

Potentilla fruticosa 'Orangeade'

'Orangeade' Potentilla

Deep orange blooms in July contrast vividly against green foliage. Plant exhibits a horizontal growth habit. Holds color well.
Potentille 'Orangeade' Potentille 'Orangeade'

Potentilla fruticosa 'Pink Beauty' (LOVELY PINK)

Pink Beauty Potentilla (Cinquefoil)

Delicate semi-double pink flowers cover this hardy shrub. Hold its colour in the summer, except when nights are extremely hot. It has a globe shape habit and attractive dark green foliage.
Potentille Pink Beauty Potentille Pink Beauty

Potentilla fruticosa 'Red Ace'

Red Ace Potentilla (Cinquefoil)

Striking red bloom in spring. Blooms fade orange-pink to yellow in summer sun and heat. Flowers all summer until frost.
Potentille Red Ace Potentille Red Ace

Potentilla fruticosa 'Tangerine'

Tangerine Potentilla (Cinquefoil)

Wide spreading rounded shrub with nice bright yellow flowers flushed with orange-red returning to yellow with heat and full sun! To keep his coloration, it's better to plant in partial shade.
Potentille Tangerine Potentille Tangerine

Potentilla fruticosa 'Uman' (Mango Tango)

Mango Tango Potentilla

Bicolor flowers with orange-red centers blending outward into deep yellow. Flowers are deeper red in cooler weather. Tidy compact form, very hardy.
Potentilla Mango Tango Potentilla Mango Tango
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