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Malus 'Shamrock'

Shamrock Apple

Medium size firm green apple, good substitute to 'Granny Smith', hardier. Good keeper. Excellent eating and cooking apple. End of September.
Pommier Shamrock Pommier Shamrock

Malus 'Spartan'

Spartan Apple

Sweet red fruit. Good quality. Good preservation time. October 5.
Pommier Spartan Pommier Spartan

Malus 'Transparente Jaune' ('Yellow Transparent')

Jaune Transparent Apple

Golden colour. Flesh is crisp, white and juicy. Excellent fresh eating and cooking qualities but not a long-term storage apple. Ripens beginning of August.
Pommier Jaune Transparent Pommier Jaune Transparent

Malus 'Trent'

Trent Apple

Red fruit, a good substitute to 'Empire' variety. Scab resistant, ripens early October. Good keeper.
Pommier Trent Pommier Trent

Malus 'Goodland'

Goodland Apple

One of the best apples for the colder regions. Washed red over creamy green. Annual bearer. Flesh is crisp, juicy, tender, and aromatic. Good for storing and excellent for eating.
Pommier Goodland Pommier Goodland

Malus 'Harcourt'

Harcourt Apple

Matures mid August with sweet red fruits, exceptionally crisp and juicy. Excellent variety for eating fresh.
Pommier Harcourt Pommier Harcourt

Malus 'Honeycrisp'

Honeycrisp Apple

University of Minnesota introduction, U.S.A.. Medium size, skin red and yellow. Cream color flesh, juicy, crispy and sweet. Good storage (2 months). Ripens 20th September.
Pommier Honeycrisp Pommier Honeycrisp

Malus 'Liberty'

Liberty Apple

Very productive apple that was selected for its resistance to apple scab and cedar apple rust. Crisp and juicy with a spritely taste. Flesh is slightly coarse in texture. Similar to 'Mc Intosh', matures in end of Sept.
Pommier Liberty Pommier Liberty

Malus 'McIntosh'

McIntosh Apple

Ripens late September with nearly solid bright red fruit. The most popular for eating fresh; does tend to be soft when cooked. Good commercial quality.
Pommier McIntosh Pommier McIntosh

Malus 'Nova Spy'


An exciting new variety from Nova Scotia, scab resistant. A juicy, firm-fleshed red apple. Excellent for eating fresh and cooking. While slow to bear fruit, the wait is worthwhile. Ripens around October 15.
Pommier Nova Spy Pommier Nova Spy

Malus 'Paulared'

Paulared Apple

A firm, crisp and juicy bright red apple that is wonderful for eating and cooking. A superior quality to 'Melba'. Keeps about 3 weeks in cold storage. End of August.
Pommier Paulared Pommier Paulared

Malus 'Redcort'

Redcort Apple

Ripens early October with large red fruit. Very hardy.
Pommier Redcort Pommier Redcort

Malus 'Redfree'

Redfree Apple

Ripens around August 20 with bright red fruit. A very productive and hardy variety, well suited to cold regions, also scab resistant.
Pommier Redfree Pommier Redfree

Malus 'Red Melba'

Melba Apple

The skin is green yellow, striped, and blushed with red. Good for baking and fresh eating. Short-term storage apple. Ripens mid-August.
Pommier Melba Pommier Melba

Malus 'Tenroy' (ROYAL GALA)

Royal Gala Apple

Bright red, firm and juicy fruit. Excellent quality. Good conservation (6-7 months). Ripens September 10.
Pommier Royal Gala Pommier Royal Gala

Malus 4 dans/in 1

4 in 1 Apple

You will obtain four varieties of apples on the same tree. The combination included varieties such as: McIntosh, Lobo, Melba, Lodi, etc.
Pommier 4 en 1 Pommier 4 en 1

Malus 'Belmac'

Belmac Apple

New variety of Apple tree with resistance to apple scab and cedar-apple rust. Medium size red fruit with white flesh. Sweet flavor, slightly tart with good storage life. Matures around September 25.
Pommier Belmac Pommier Belmac

Malus columnar 'Crimson Spire'

Crimson Spire Sentinel Apple

A new columnar apple, medium sized red type maturing early October. The small size of this cultivar makes it excellent for small gardens or container plantings.
Pommier colonnade Crimson Spire Pommier colonnade Crimson Spire

Malus columnar 'Emerald Spire'

Emerald Spire Sentinel Apple

The small columnar size of this cultivar makes it excellent for small space gardens or container plantings. A productive green type apple. Matures mid-Sept.
Pommier colonnade Emerald Spire Pommier colonnade Emerald Spire

Malus columnar 'Ultra Spire'

Ultra Spire Sentinel Apple

Red fruit matures end of Sept, similar to 'Spartan'. The small columnar size of this cultivar makes it excellent for small space gardens or container plantings.
Pommier colonnade Ultra Spire Pommier colonnade Ultra Spire

Malus 'Cortland'

Cortland Apple

Flesh is white, crisp, juicy, slightly acid. Medium size bright red. Holds colour well after being cut. Excellent for eating and cooking. Ripening in October.
Pommier Cortland Pommier Cortland

Malus 'Empire'

Empire Apple

The medium sized, round to globose shaped fruit has a dark red blushed skin colour and whitish cream flesh. The flavor is of excellent quality and aromatic. Good fresh eating apple with a fine texture. Excellent storage life.
Pommier Empire Pommier Empire

Malus 'Fall Red'

Fall Red Apple

Dark red fruit, taste slightly as 'Mc Intosh' variety. Matures in mid September. Excellent for eating fresh and for storing.
Pommier Fall Red Pommier Fall Red
Malus domestica (M. sylvestris var. d.; M. s. subsp. mitis)
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