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Malus 'Sir Lancelot'

Crab Apple STD

This compact, upright crabapple is covered with snowy-white blooms in spring and crisp green foliage throughout the summer. Fall shows gold foliage giving way to a golden veil of fruit. An excellent choice for small areas.
Pommetier Sir Lancelot sur tige Pommetier Sir Lancelot sur tige

Malus 'Snowdrift'

Crab Apple

Outstanding in bloom when the pink buds open to white flowers creating a nice contrast on his glossy green foliage. Upright, spreading becoming broadly oval as it grows older. Tiny orange fruits persisting until after leaf drop.
Pommetier Snowdrift Pommetier Snowdrift

Malus 'Spring Snow'


Featuring pure white flowers but no fruit, this is the crabapple to use in locations such as patios and courtyards where fruit would be objectionable. It flowers well on an annual basis.
Pommetier Spring Snow Pommetier Spring Snow

Malus 'Sugar Tyme'


Offering four season's of beauty. Masses of sugar-white spring flowers, excellent crisp green summer foliage, and long-lasting fruit in the autumn and winter. One of the most disease resistant being produced today.
Pommetier Sugar Tyme Pommetier Sugar Tyme

Malus 'Hopa'

Crab Apple

Very hardy ornamental tree is covered with large rose pink and white flowers. 1" bright red fruit makes a fine jelly.
Pommetier Hopa Pommetier Hopa

Malus 'Mazam' (MADONNA)


Double white blooms open early and outlast most other crabapple flowers. New foliage is bronze turning green at maturity. An excellent landscape choice.
Pommetier Madonna Pommetier Madonna

Malus 'Profusion'

Crab Apple

This rounded ornamental tree has single deep red flowers in the spring. It yields small red apples in the fall. Excellent disease resistance.
Pommetier Profusion Pommetier Profusion

Malus 'Red Jade'

Weeping Crab Apple

Weeping form, foliage vivid green, buds pink opening to single blush white, fruits cherry red, best as a solitary specimen.
Pommetier pleureur Red Jade Pommetier pleureur Red Jade

Malus 'Red Splendor'


Glossy red tinted foliage in spring and summer followed by a fine show of red fruit in the fall.
Pommetier Red Splendor Pommetier Red Splendor

Malus 'Dolgo'

Dolgo Crab Apple

It blooms early with white fragrant flowers. Very ornamental. Brilliant crimson fruits make wonderful jelly of fine flavor and colour.
Pommetier Dolgo Pommetier Dolgo

Malus 'Centzam' (CENTURION)

Centurion Crabapple

This vigorous grower has upright columnar growth when young to upright spreading with age. Rose red blossoms appear in the spring followed by glossy, cherry-red fruits at end of summer.
Pommetier Centurion Pommetier Centurion

Malus 'Branzam' (BRANDYWINE)

Crab Apple

Large green leaves with a distinct burgundy overcast. In the spring the tree is covered with fragrant, double pink flowers giving an appearance of being draped in rosebuds. Has large yellow fruit.
Pommetier Brandywine Pommetier Brandywine

Malus 'Rudolph'


Clear red flowers in spring with glossy bronze foliage will make this a bright addition to your landscape. Very hardy.
Pommetier Rudolph Pommetier Rudolph

Malus 'Royalty'

Crab Apple

New growth red turning purple with green undercast. Leaves have a bright varnished appearance. Very hardy, blight resistant.
Pommetier Royalty Pommetier Royalty

Malus 'Royal Splendor'


Red, glossy foliage with beautiful red flowers in spring, followed by medium-sized fruit. Hardy, faster growing variety than 'Royalty'.
Pommetier Royal Splendor Pommetier Royal Splendor

Malus 'Royal Beauty'

Weeping Crab Apple

This narrow spreading tree catches the eye through the seasons. Weeping, reddish foliage with very deep pink flowers in the spring. Dark red apples appear in the fall.
Pommetier pleureur Royal Beauty Pommetier pleureur Royal Beauty

Malus 'Red Obelisk'

Red Obelisk

A new columnar selection with dark red foliage in Spring. The pink flowering change to white and later in the season in very decorative, elongated red fruits. Hardy selection with good disease resistance.
Pommetier Red Obelisk Pommetier Red Obelisk

Malus 'Radiant'

Crab Apple

Deep red buds open deep pink in spring. It has small red fruit and is scab resistant. Good for street planting.
Pommetier Radiant Pommetier Radiant

Malus 'Makamik'

Crab Apple

Similar to 'Hopa', but an improved variety. Flowers are large, semi double pink. Resistant to many pests and diseases.
Pommetier Makamik Pommetier Makamik

Malus 'Lollizam' (LOLLIPOP)

Crab Apple STD

Attractive red buds, opening to white flowers in late May. Very decorative globular shaped with miniature golden fruits.
Pommetier Lollipop sur tige Pommetier Lollipop sur tige

Malus 'Hargozam' (HARVEST GOLD)


Very hardy ornamental tree is covered with white blooms, one week later than the other crabapple. Small yellow fruit appear in fall. Resistant to many pests and diseases.
Pommetier Harvest Gold Pommetier Harvest Gold

Malus 'Thunderchild'


Single pink flowers appear before the purplish-red foliage. Upright spreading growth habit. Hardy and blight resistant. The foliage is less shiny than 'Royalty'.
Pommetier Thunderchild Pommetier Thunderchild

Malus baccata 'Columnaris' (Erecta)

Siberian Columnar Crab Apple

A very hardy columnar tree with a profusion of white flowers. Yellowish red waxlike fruit. It makes a spendid street tree.
Pommetier colonnaire de Sibérie Pommetier colonnaire de Sibérie

Malus toringo 'Tina' (M. sargentii 'Tina')

Dwarf Crabapple Standard

Showy pinky white blooms in spring and little red fruits in the fall. Disease resistant crab.
Pommetier Tina sur tige Pommetier Tina sur tige
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