L'Arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
L'arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
L'arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
L'Arbrerie Cayer Centre Jardin
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Master categories / Plants / Perennials / Hosta ( Hosta / Plantain Lily ) / Hosta species | Robert Frost Plantain Lily (7564)

Hosta 'Robert Frost'
Robert Frost Plantain Lily
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Hardiness zone 3
Maximum height 60cm / 24"
Maximum width 100cm / 40"
Exposure Half-shade / Shade
Plants attracting birds No
Fragrant plants Yes
Notes :Clump of rounded blue-green leaves with a wonderful wide creamy yellow margin that changes to white in late summer. In late spring, the clumps are topped with near-white fragrant flowers on tall scapes.
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Hosta 'Robert Frost'

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(Hosta 'Robert Frost')
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