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Many of our customers appreciate the value of our new website.  They have access to thousands of plant pictures including new varities.  More than ever, customers want to see beforehand what they will be purchasing.  Our library offers more than 3000 pictures of plants and products offered.  Our customers are impressed by our website and they purchase on a regular basis.  Without this valuable website, we would not of found many of these customers. 


Thanks to our advanced search function, customers looking for plants or horticultural products are only a click away!  They only have to inquire about a specific plant or product by desired height, width, sun exposure or climate zone and our website will retrieve all matching data with terrific pictures. Some customers are regularly using this feature to prepare their landscaping projects.  This added feature saves time and money plus makes them aware of the advantages of our new products and availability.


We also post our availability list on the Internet so customers can access our updated inventory.  These lists can be printed to prepare their orders.  Our wholesale price list is available to listed customers with a pre-approved password.


The HortiClick! WebStore was for us the ideal solution to gain exposure on the Internet.  They supplied us with thousands of pictures combined with a database of up to 30000 plants and horticultural products.  We only had to select the required items and they inserted themselves automatically into our own website.  It only took us 45 minutes to select the items we are selling and our catalog was available on the Internet.  The only thing left for us, was to create our Home Page introduction combined with several pictures of our company.


HortiClick provided us with a solution that meets the need of today’s horticulturist.  It gives us great results and exposure with little efforts.  HortiClick understands that in our trade a picture is worth a thousand words, and as many sales! 


Sebastien Lemay, Vice president

Francois Lemay Nursery, inc.