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I want to see HortiClick! Web Store examples

HortiClick's easy "Store Builder" interface allows anybody to build a fully functional on-line store in minutes. Here are a few merchants who've built stores of their own using the resources provided by HortiClick! WebStore.

·         www.LemayNursery.com

o        Wholesale Nursery,  over 1000 products on his HortiClick! WebStore: trees, shrubs, perennials, roses, fruits, horticultural hardgoods… with more that 3000 pictures.


Horticlick’ customers

Pépinière Lemay (Bilingual) www.pepinierelemay.com

Nesbitt's Greenhouses Nursery (English) www.horticlick.com/nesbitt

Make It Green Garden Centre (English) www.horticlick.com/makeitgreen

Withrow's Farm Market (English) www.horticlick.com/withrowfarm

West River Greenhouses (English) www.horticlick.com/westriver

French websites :

Pierre Dansereau Paysagiste www.horticlick.com/pierredansereau

Pépinière du Parc www.horticlick.com/pepduparc

Beaupré et Jardins www.horticlick.com/beauprejardins

Paysagement Jardin et Verdure Inc. www.horticlick.com/jardinverdure

Jardin des trouvailles www.horticlick.com/jardindestrouvailles

Centre Jardin De L'Aéroport www.horticlick.com/centrejardindeaeroport

Ferme Bédard & Blouin www.horticlick.com/bedardblouin

Les Jardins Chartrand www.horticlick.com/jardinschartrand

Centre de jardinage Hollandia www.horticlick.com/hollandia

Vivaces Marie Michel Inc. www.horticlick.com/vivacesmariemichel

Pépinière R. Emery Enr. www.horticlick.com/pepiniereremery

Pépinière R.Y. Locas Inc. www.horticlick.com/pepinierelocas

Productions Petit Bois Inc. www.horticlick.com/productionspetitbois

Pépinor Enr. www.horticlick.com/pepinor

Aménagement Paysager D. St-Cyr www.horticlick.com/amenagementstcyr

The Root Cellar www.horticlick.com/rootcellar

Arbo-Culture Ltée www.horticlick.com/arboculture

Serres & Pépinière Champlain www.horticlick.com/pepchamplain

Semico Inc. - Lévis www.horticlick.com/semico

Les Serres Levert Enr. www.horticlick.com/serreslevert

Pépinière de l'Ange-Gardien www.horticlick.com/pepangegardien

G.R. Farm Equipment Inc. www.horticlick.com/grfarm

Bibeau Rona Centre Jardin www.horticlick.com/rmbibeau

Paysabo www.horticlick.com/paysabo

Levert Paysage inc. www.horticlick.com/levertpaysage

Pinard et Frère Jardinier inc. www.horticlick.com/pinardetfrere

Monsieur Debeaunavet www.debeaunavet.com

If you need more information, please Marc Piché at  1-888-685-3629