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1.0 Web Browsers

1.1 Configuring Browser Settings

In order to work optimally, the browser’s cache and image settings need to be configured.

1.1.1 Cache Settings

Please make sure that your browser cache settings are as follows:

Internet Explorer:

Under Tools->Internet Options -> General Tab -> Settings

Check for newer versions of stored pages:

[X] Every visit to the page
[ ] Every time you start Internet Explorer
[ ] Automatically
[ ] Never


Under Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Cache

Document in cache is compared to document on network:

[ ] Once per session
[X] Every Time
[ ] Never

1.1.2 Image Settings

Please make sure that pictures/images are automatically loaded as follows:

Note: You may encounter JavaScript errors if you use a browser older than the recommended minimum.

Internet Explorer:

Under Tools->Internet Options -> Advanced Tab

[X] Show Pictures


Under Edit->Preferences->Advanced->

[X] Automatically Load Images